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Bayou Lotus is a wellness studio offering evidence-based, enrichment therapy to individuals seeking alternative relief from mental, emotional and physical trauma, stress and dis-ease.  In-person treatments include sound therapy, trauma yoga, and mindfulness training. Bayou Lotus “bottom up” therapies make excellent companions with “top down” therapies like psychoanalysis.  Click here for FREE virtual classes like gentle yoga and meditation. We are located in Jeanerette, Louisiana.

Yoga - Meditation - Music

Integration Therapy

The phrase “top down, bottom up” refers to the way in which  information is processed. In psychology, ‘Top down’ is perception; how our logical brains choose to interpret and organize life experiences. “Bottom up’ is sensation; information is received through the channels of our sensory receptors and intuition.

Evidence-based ‘bottom up’ therapy helps process trauma that lives in the body. This type of therapy involves observing sensations as they are happing in the present moment.

Emotions and the autonomic nervous system mostly process at the unconscious level so ‘bottom up’ therapy helps access and integrate the brain-body connection as a whole. These innovative methods help unlock trauma and promote innate healing.

Examples of integrative mind-body techniques and expressive arts-based therapies at Bayou Lotus are yoga, chi gong, singing, music, bi-lateral vibration therapy, meditation, and mindfulness.

Virtual and In-Person Pathways

Mindfulness training is an 8-week group study course that combines gentle yoga, mindfulness activities and meditation. Virtual or in person: $250/course

Vibroacoustic Table sessions is a sound therapy in which a person rests on a low frequency vibration table. In person only: $45/session

Instrumental Sound Therapy & Intuitive Singing combines the experience of the Vibroacoustic Table with musical instruments including Celtic Harp, Gongs, Crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, bells, and drum. In person only: $120/session

Trauma Informed Yoga is a gentle movement therapy practice within a safe environment. Combines yoga breathing, stretching and mantra. Private or small groups. Virtual or in-person. $50/session

Trauma Informed Singing is a gentle vocal therapy practice within a safe environment. Combines breathing, vocalizing and rhythm movement. Private or small groups. Virtual or in-person. $50/session

I offer a sliding fee for individuals experiencing economic challenges. I also consider barter and work study arrangements.

Luminous Namaste Beautiful Souls /|\

 Self Healing

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, understood the inborn ability of the human body to respond to illness and injury, and restore itself to health. The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.

It is impossible to heal without first learning to be present, in your body and with your feelings.

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Susan Buller is a certified sound healing & reiki practitioner, musician and yoga instructor with coaching experience in mindful meditation, pranayama and qi gong. 

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